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My name is Cindy.  I am owner of White Tulip Interiors.  I started White Tulip Interiors many years ago in Pittsburgh, PA. But after too much snow and too many winter months, my family decided to move to North Carolina.  Currently based out of Mint Hill, NC, I LOVE the local business support.  I am a mom of 2 kiddos (who are almost adults by now)... so I juggle their sports, going to the gym, therapy for self-care, podcasts, audio books, social activities, run clubs, local events, and running a business. 

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My Story- White Tulip Interiors

Owning White Tulip Interiors has given me the pleasure of helping people find joy in their homes. By reducing the stress of keeping up with cleaning the house, we are able to smile knowing their day just got a bit easier.  From moms that are pregnant or homeschooling, to traveling businessmen, women CEOs, other small/local business owners, to everyone in between, we LOVE to help others find a sense of peace when they come home.  We also believe that all this can be achieved without using harsh toxic chemicals.  White Tulip Interiors uses products from Ecosense. These products smell great, work amazing without polluting your air quality in your home!  For more information regarding our cleaning products, check out 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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